pfSense 2.2 Update – finally 802.11n wifi

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A while ago I was writing about my new pfSense firewall appliance (look here). One remaining problem was pfSense 2.1 (based on FreeBSD 8.x) was not able to operate 802.11n wifi and there was the statement the support for 802.11n will come with pfSense 2.2 (based on FreeBSD 10.x). After some very busy first quarter in this year I´ve finally managed to upgrade my appliance to pfSense 2.2 – and I can confirm it is working with my setup. A few screens:     I have read that mixed mode (n+g) costs some performance regarding link speed, but I have to use it to connect my older devices like my tablet and I have to say that the data rate right now is enough for my purposes. You can find the new images here: https://www.pfsense.org/download/