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ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering

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Now lets have another look how we can combine EMC Cloud Array with ECS – and use it for Cloud Tiering. ECS series index: Part 1 – What is ECS? Part 2 – Elastic Cloud Storage Setup Part 3 – The Why and the How of “Elastic Cloud Storage + Isilon = Cloud Pools” Part 4 – ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering (this part) What is Cloud Array? available as physical or virtual appliance provides connection to private or public cloud storage present cloud storage (private and/or public) over traditional block/file (CIFS/NFS/iSCSI) interfaces combine and integrate with existing EMC storage arrays Additional Ressources: Spec Sheet Data Sheet Why ECS + Cloud Array? Use ECS as “lowest tier” for your storage data long term retention in combination with EMC Cloud Array use cost-efficient storage for your cold data still have your data in online acces instead on offline storage Use cloud array on your remote […]