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My impressions of Dell EMC World 2017

I have the pleasure to participate in Dell EMC World 2017 this week in Las Vegas and want to give you some of my impressions regarding Dell EMC strategy, product announcements and various other things.

The key word for this years Dell EMC World is REALIZE.

Realize what is going on in the industry and that there is transformation ahead:

  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Transformation
  • Workforce Transformation
  • Security Transformation

For all the challenges that are coming up with these transformations, Dell Technologies has the right solutions and can support you. 

In the general sessions there were some examples like the Dell Canvas and how it will transform the creative process of creating new things and Ken Black (VP of Digital Design Transformation @Nike) explained how they use technology like Dell Canvas to empower their creative design. In addition as a hobby photographer I´m also personally very excited about this and can´t wait to try it in the near future for image editing. Have a look at the video to get to know Dell Canvas.

There were several guru sessions for different topics like AI (Sir Tim Berners-Lee) and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (Tim Sweeney, founder of EPIC Games). It was very interesting to listen to those guys and get their point of view to those emerging topics. Furthermore the topic of VR/AR was often found in the solution expo in different forms like VR gaming or the possibility to fly a drone with an integrated camera and you get the direct video feed to your VR headset. Amazing stuff, except the motion sickness 😉


Major product announcements:

  • VMAX 950F is a new upcoming VMAX All-Flash array which will be the successor of VMAX 450F/850F. In a performance point of view the 950F will exceed the 850F and regarding scale-out it will match the 850F.
  • Unity 350F/450F/550F/650F: More Performance, higher density (80 drives in 3U)
  • Isilon Infinity: New generation (6) of Isilon, higher density of nodes, modular design, option of All-Flash nodes
  • XtremIO X2: Scale-Up and Scale-Out, native and efficient replication, improved data efficiency
  • Dell PowerEdge Server 14G
  • VXRail 4.5: based on PowerEdge 14G, support for vSphere 6.5 and VSAN 6.6
  • Integrated Data Protection Appliance: turnkey data protection appliance converges storage, protection software, search and analytics in a single, easy-to-deploy solution

Despite it isn´t really a product announcement, but in my opinion it is an important topic. There was the introduction of a new flexible consumption model (for HCI) which allows you to consume compute power & storage like you would do in the cloud:

  1. no upfront payment
  2. the option to return all or some of the equipment any time after the first year
  3. establish a simple payment schedule for the entire hardware

Have a look at https://www.emc.com/en-us/flexibleconsumption/cloud-flex-for-hci.htm


Solution Expo:

The solution expo and the connected pavilion area was huge this year. I think the solution expo alone has doubled the number of exhibitors.


Customer Appreciation Event:

Gwen Stefani was rocking the house at the Wednesday evening event – the Customer Appreciation Event.


Did you know Gwen Stefani is 47 years old right now? Hard to believe.


That´s it so far. I hope I could give you some useful information about this week at Dell EMC World. You didn´t attend this year but you want to do next year? Save the date: 28.04.2018 – 03.05.2018 again in fabulous Las Vegas.

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