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ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering

Now lets have another look how we can combine EMC Cloud Array with ECS – and use it for Cloud Tiering.

ECS series index:

Part 1 – What is ECS?

Part 2 – Elastic Cloud Storage Setup

Part 3 – The Why and the How of “Elastic Cloud Storage + Isilon = Cloud Pools”

Part 4 – ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering (this part)

What is Cloud Array?

  • available as physical or virtual appliance
  • provides connection to private or public cloud storage
  • present cloud storage (private and/or public) over traditional block/file (CIFS/NFS/iSCSI) interfaces
  • combine and integrate with existing EMC storage arrays

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Why ECS + Cloud Array?

  • Use ECS as “lowest tier” for your storage data long term retention in combination with EMC Cloud Array
    • use cost-efficient storage for your cold data
    • still have your data in online acces instead on offline storage
  • Use cloud array on your remote office site and deliver File/Block storage
    • replicate data from the remote office to the ECS in the central datacenter
    • have local performance due to the cache of the Cloud Array appliance in the remote office
  • Extend your existing storage with additional “cloud storage” (=ECS as private cloud storage or public storage)

How ECS + Cloud Array?

  • Deploy the OVA Appliance
  • Startup and let the appliance get a dhcp ip
  • Create an account on the Cloud Array portal https://cloudarray.com
    • get your license file
    • or generate a trial license file for free
  • Connect to https://<cloud array ip>
  • Run trough the initial setup screen & wizard

  • Connect to https://<cloud array ip>
  • Run trough the configuration wizard



  • Cloud Array Dashboard – no dirty cache and no replication ongoing

  • Copy files to the previously created CIFS share on the Cloud Array

  • Cloud Array Dashboard – now we see the cache is dirty and a replication to the “Cloud” (=EMC ECS) is ongoing

  • S3 browser look at the ECS bucket (the one CA is replicating to) filled with replicated data


That´s it! Now we have setup a Cloud Array with a local cache & share and connected it to our EMC ECS array for replication.

One thought on “ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering

  1. I have done a POC with the CloudArray and the issue I see is, if we loose the cloudarray in a DR situation, all the cache is gone.
    When you re-build the CloudArray in a different site all the data has to come from the cloud. If talking about Terra byte of CIFS shares, this will be very low performance for a long time until the cache is re-build.
    We have the option to re-build the cache from Snapshots but it will download Terra bytes of data from the cloud.
    I think this is a major issue with any gateway device lioke CloudArray.

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