The Why and the How of “Elastic Cloud Storage + Isilon = Cloud Pools”

Now that we have ECS up & running we have a look how to combine it with EMC Isilon and use Cloud Pools.

ECS series index:

Part 1 – What is ECS?

Part 2 – Elastic Cloud Storage Setup

Part 3 – The Why and the How of “Elastic Cloud Storage + Isilon = Cloud Pools” (this part)

Part 4 – ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering

The Why of Cloud Pools?

Just to recall what are Cloud Pools I have to explain Smart Pools first.

Smart Pools are a policy-based fully automated tiering mechanism of the Isilon system to tier files between different node types. You can use it to move cold data with a file policy like “last access >6 month ago” from fast flash-based nodes (S-Nodes) to NL-SAS based nodes (NL-Nodes).

Now Cloud Pools extend this mechanism and leverage the Elastic Cloud Storage system like an additional tier. As you surely remember one of its characteristic features is the low price per GB and as such the ECS can now be considered the lowest tier for the Isilon system.

Cloud Pools

And the best thing is yet to say. For the user it is fully transparent – they still see their files regardless if they are residing on the Isilon or the ECS system.

To sum it up why to use Cloud Pools?

  • Fully automated but controlled by user defined policies
  • Use the performance & space of your Isilon for your active data and keep the cold data for longterm access on your ECS …
  • … and the users can still access your files like nothing has changed at all
  • Define policies to retain files on the ECS for a defined timespan after deleting them on the Isilon and as such you can easily recall them
  • When you tier from Isilon to ECS the required license is for free
  • And you can do so much more with the ECS

The How of Cloud Pools?

Isilon Setup:

Isilon Setup Start Screen

Isilon Setup Network Screen

  • The setup is pretty straight forward. Just remember to create an IP Range with at least 3 IP addresses for the 3 cluster nodes
  • Join the other nodes to the Isilon cluster (no need for IP config – the nodes configure themselves and take an IP out of the just configured range)

Isilon Cluster Join

  • That´s it! Your Isilon test cluster is up and running. Just connect to one of your nodes with your browser.

Isilon OneFS Administration


Cloud Pools Setup:

In the following image gallery


And when we have a look in the bucket on the ECS we can see the Isilon created objects and the policy did it´s job.

S3 Browser view


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