Elastic Cloud Storage – How to set up the community edition

In the first blog post we had a look what ECS is. Now let´s see how to setup the software-only community edition of EMC Elastic Cloud Storage.

ECS series index:

Part 1 – What is ECS?

Part 2 – ECS Setup (this part)

Part 3 – The Why and the How of “Elastic Cloud Storage + Isilon = Cloud Pools”

Part 4 – ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering

To play around with ECS we have two ways:

  • Easy Mode: Get a ECS Testdrive Link
  • Hard Mode: Setup your own ECS Community Edition

Well it is not really hard, because my coworkers have done a great job and have written good documentations & scripts.

  • Setup a linux virtual machine (e.g. CentOS)
  • Attach a second disk to it
  • That´s it – ECS up & running
  • Connect to https://<IP-Address-of-ECS-Node>
  • Default login and password: root/ChangeMe

2016-02-16 22_35_14-Program Manager


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