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Elastic Cloud Storage – it´s not the type of cloud storage you would think at first!

ECS series index:

Part 1 – What is ECS? (this part)

Part 2 – ECS Setup

Part 3 – The Why and the How of “Elastic Cloud Storage + Isilon = Cloud Pools”

Part 4 – ECS + Cloud Array = Cloud Tiering

Introduction – what is ECS?:

Well first of all I tell you what it isn´t – it is not the type of cloud storage where you put your data to a place you don´t know. That´s not why it is called Cloud Storage. It is called Cloud Storage because you can consume storage like you would out of the cloud:

  • inexpensive – without throwing around with the numbers, but comparable or below the prices of all those cloud storage providers out there
  • scalability – you will never run out of storage in the cloud, neither you will with a ECS. Scale to Peta- and Exabytes.
  • agile – if you need more storage, get more and consume more

And why do you know where your data is? Because it is a physical storage array (ok there is also a software only version, the DIY option…) and you can choose where to put it.

In your data center for example.


A picture says more than a thousand words…


Some technical specs:

  • Intel x86 server with JBOD attached storage (up to 60 disks per server)
  • 10 GbE Node connectivity
  • 4 / 8 – Node configurations
  • Unstructered storage up to 3840 TB per rack

Use cases & combinations:

The really amazing thing about ECS and that´s the main point of this blog post is the diversity of ECS… there are so many different use cases for it.

  • File services and storage for remote offices without deploying a storage array to the remote office: Combine ECS with EMC Cloud Array

2016-01-12 22_41_28-ecs-cloudarray-customer-deck.pptx - PowerPoint

  • Isilon (Scale-Out NAS) with a policy-based automatic tiering of files to low-cost storage: Combine ECS with Isilon (Cloud Pools)

ecs-cloudarray-customer-deck (online-video-cutter_16-156

  • Classic Archiving 2.0: Use the ECS as archive storage (successor of the EMC Centera)

2016-01-12 23_57_59-ecs-2-0-overview.pptx - PowerPoint

  • Longterm retention backup: Combine ECS with EMC Cloud Boost

2016-01-12 23_55_15-ecs-2-0-overview.pptx - PowerPoint

  • Development with Object Storage: With nowadays development of mobile apps it is difficult to connect them to known storage protocols like FC and NAS without having some sort of “gateway” like a webserver. Mobile Apps can benefit from accessing the storage directly with HTTP/HTTPS and retrieve/save their objects.


ECS Testdrive:

If you want to test ECS, register for free and get a test drive: https://portal.ecstestdrive.com/

Or download the software-only version from GitHub: https://github.com/EMCECS/ECS-CommunityEdition

Product Page: http://www.emc.com/storage/ecs/index.htm

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