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vSphere 6 Data Protection: Part 2 – Deploy virtual EMC Data Domain

In the second part of the VMWare vSphere 6 Data Protection series we will deploy the EMC virtual Data Domain.

Post series:

Part 1 – Deploy VDP

Part 2 – Deploy virtual EMC Data Domain

Part 3 – Integrate VDP with EMC Data Domain

Introduction: What is EMC Data Domain?

The EMC Data Domain is a PBBA, a purpose-built backup appliance. It has one primary task and that is to serve as backup appliance and deliver benefits in your backup environment as a backup to disk target. So what are the main benefits?

  • Inline Deduplication: In a backup environment you backup the same data on a regular basis. With inline deduplication you save a lot of space on your appliance and even better: The more you backup the more you will save and will have a higher retention of your data.
  • DD Boost: Even better inline deduplication is when the application/backup software is talking to the data domain which segments are unique and only transfer the unique parts over the network. As such you are saving a lot of bandwidth and you can always perform a full backup but only the changes will be transmitted over the network. Also a lot of applications (Oracle RMAN, MS SQL, etc.) and 3rd party backup applications (Symantec, VEEAM) are supporting the DD Boost protocol.
  • Efficient replication: You can replicate your backups to a second location with a second data domain. Backup 2 disk and replicate it offsite … get rid of tapes and tape handling.
  • And when we are talking about tape handling – do you check your tapes on a regular basis? Data Domain checks it filesystem on a regular schedule and has a lot of mechanism to ensure your backuped data is valid at any time and can be restored.
  • Easy integration in existing environments: The Data Domain can be used as a CIFS/NFS target and can be used with almost every software. If it supports DD Boost it´s getting even better.
Data Domain with and w/o DD Boost
Data Domain with and w/o DD Boost


  • Deploy the OVA template of the EMC virtual Data Domain
  • Add an additional (third) disk to the deployed appliance for the backup data. The first two disks are system only and should not be touched or modified.
  • Restart the appliance


Connect via Remote Console to the data domain appliance

  • Login via default credentials
  • Start the configuration wizard
    • define FQDN
    • define ip settings
    • save settings

Connect to the Data Domain CLI via ssh

  • Add license
  • Add the third disk to the system with the following commands:
    • disk show hardware
    • storage add dev3
    • filesys create
    • filesys enable

EMC Virtual Data Domain


Connect to Data Domain via Web Interface: http://<IP/FQDN>

Data Domain Web Interface
Data Domain Web Interface
  • Set NTP time settings
Data Domain Time Settings
Data Domain Time Settings
  • DD Boost
    • Enable DD Boost
    • Create a user for DD Boost
    • User must have admin rights (needed when you add the data domain to VMWare VDP)
Data Domain DD Boost Settings
Data Domain DD Boost Settings
  • Create SNMP Community

The EMC Virtual Data Domain is up and running and in the next part we will integrate it to the VDP appliance. Link to the next part.

Edit 28.05.2015: The virtual Data Domain was announced during this years EMC World and is not yet available / GA.

15 thoughts on “vSphere 6 Data Protection: Part 2 – Deploy virtual EMC Data Domain

  1. Hi Jürgen,

    I was digging around EMC’s site, but could quite find the OVA for the Data Domain virtual appliance. Could you provide some pointers so I can find it on the EMC portal?

    1. Hi Evie,

      the virtual edition is not yet available/GA. It was announced during this years EMC World 2015 and I don´t think there is a fixed release date yet. Are you already working with a physical Data Domain?

      Kind Regards

  2. Hi!

    What is the default credentials for virtual data domain?

    Is it sysadmin/serial like hardware DD or something else?

  3. Is there any update on the Virtual DD.

    Please provide us a link for download. I tried EMC site. unable to find yet.

    1. Hi,

      no update on the release date yet, but I won´t be the first to get informed about that 😉 But as soon as I´ve any news about it I will post it on the page. Afaik beta will start soon.

      Kind Regards

  4. my Esxi5.1 having only 4 GB Ram & I have installed data domain. but while configuration file system showing error cpu and ram not supporting
    is there any way to install DD with in 4GB ram with file system configuration

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