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vSphere 6 Data Protection: Part 1 – Deploy VDP

With vSphere 6 Data Protection all features from the previous vSphere 5.x vDPA were moved to the standard VDP without any additional costs.

Post series:

Part 1 – Deploy VDP

Part 2 – Deploy virtual EMC Data Domain

Part 3 – Integrate VDP with EMC Data Domain

What’s more in the Advanced version and now with vSphere 6 available for everyone:

  • Application-level replication
  • Ability to expand current datastore
  • Backup to a Data Domain
  • Granular level restore of Microsoft Servers
  • Automatic backup verification
  • Application consistent backup support – guest-level backups and restores of Microsoft SQL Servers, Exchange Servers, and Share Point Servers, providing for application consistent backups of these servers.
  • 8TB of deduplicated data for storage of backups (per appliance)
  • Up to 400 VMs per VDP Advanced appliance


  • No surprise, the VDP Appliance comes in the form of an OVA template. As such the first step is to deploy this template.
  • There is a bug right now that you can´t access the config portal via Chrome & Firefox. There is already a VMWare KB and a hotfix. But I´ve also experienced the bug with Internet Explorer and I had to install this hotfix.
    • Login local (via Remote Console) to the VDP
    • Enable root access: vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config and uncomment the line “PermitRootLogin”
    • Copy the hotfix to the appliance (e.g. with WinSCP)
    • Follow the instructions given from the VMWare KB
  • Open https://<ip/fqdn>:8543/vdp-configure/
  • Login with default credentials: root / changeme
  • Follow the wizard to do the basic appliance configuration
  • Reboot the appliance
  • In vCenter you should see a configuration task which is finalizing the setup2015-05-17 13_53_23-vSphere Web Client
  • After the succesful configuration task there should be a VDP menu item in the vSphere Web Client2015-05-02 13_39_51-vSphere Web Client


The basic configuration settings were already set during the intial setup. But I want to show you the two configuration pages.

  • via VDP Web Interface: For the basic settings of the appliance. We will get back to it when we add the data domain.

2015-05-02 14_06_01-https___192.168.2.213_8543_vdp-configure_ - Internet Explorer

  • via vSphere Web Client: For all Backup&Restore related tasks

2015-05-02 14_11_06-vSphere Web Client

The next step will be the deployment of the EMC virtual Data Domain … Link to Part 2

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