Turn off Philips Hue & PC with Powershell

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Workstation with Philips Hue

After being convinced how amazing Philips Hue is, I´ve ordered two bulbs and a light strip for my workstation setup. And I didn´t regret it – some nice lights for every mood (working, music, etc.) and you can setup a sync mode where the lights adjust to the display content. Very cool feature for games, […]

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate Demo Environment

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With the recent update announcement, Azure Migrate evolved to a central hub for the complete migration journey. You can now perform every migration step from one management dashboard: Discovery – which machines are running on your environment and are there any dependencies? Assessment – which Azure vm size is the best fit for your workload? […]


Back for good …

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I´ve rebooted my personal blog after a pretty long time of inactivity with a revamped & cleaner design. The main focus of the articles will also shift from storage related topics to cloud topics with Microsoft Azure. This reflects my change from EMC to Microsoft which was nearly 2 years ago – wow time flies… […]