vSphere 6 Data Protection: Part 2 – Deploy virtual EMC Data Domain

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In the second part of the VMWare vSphere 6 Data Protection series we will deploy the EMC virtual Data Domain. Post series: Part 1 – Deploy VDP Part 2 – Deploy virtual EMC Data Domain Part 3 – Integrate VDP with EMC Data Domain Introduction: What is EMC Data Domain? The EMC Data Domain is a PBBA, a purpose-built backup appliance. It has one primary task and that is to serve as backup appliance and deliver benefits in your backup environment as a backup to disk target. So what are the main benefits? Inline Deduplication: In a backup environment you backup the same data on a regular basis. With inline deduplication you save a lot of space on your appliance and even better: The more you backup the more you will save and will have a higher retention of your data. DD Boost: Even better inline deduplication is when the application/backup software […]

VNXe 3200 announced and shown at EMC World 2014

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Finally EMC announced the new VNXe 3200 last week and the box was demonstrated at EMC World 2014 this week. I just want to summarize the main features for you: Storage processor specs: 2U, 8 Sandybridge cores, 48GB of system memory,  8 10GbE ports, up to 4 8Gbps FC ports The well-known and awesome FAST technology from the VNX series (FAST VP + FAST Cache) are available in the VNXe 3200!!! No longer iSCSI only – now it´s FC, iSCSI, FCoE, NAS protocols … Starts at under $12K … so awesome technology in a small box for a small price! VNX vs VNXe architecture: As you can clearly see the “unified control path” from its predecessor is continued in the VNXe3200.   Read the announcement from EMC: http://www.emc.com/about/news/press/2014/20140430.htm Here you can find the VNXe simulator to get a look & feel for the VNXe 3200: http://www.emc.com/collateral/demos/microsites/vnxe/vnxe-demo.exe Read the full virtual geek article regarding VNXe 3200 and […]